Sponsor a child’s education in Latin America

The New Horizons Education Funds scholarship program is born as a response to the need from an impoverished community in Guatemala. A place where access to education is difficult. And because of these and many more factors the elementary school age children drop-out rates are too high.

Parents earn approximately 5.00USD per day and often have numerous family members to care for.

We created this program that aims to: elevate the educational achievements of children. Focus on integral family values so that in due time they can raise the economic abilities of their immediate family and communities at large.

Reference: http://www.unicef.org/lac/Completar_escuela_CA_ENG_summary.pdf

With a donation of 200.00 USD you sponsorship a child’s education so that they can attend elementary school. This will cover tuition, books and school supplies for each in a private school. The parents will contribute with transportation, uniforms and school lunches.

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